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    Are you an author? Do you feel lost in the complex world of publishing? Need a helping hand?

    In this day and age, traditional publishing methods are lagging ever behind the times and self-publishing has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. Indeed there are many benefits to publishing your own work. However navigating the murky waters of self-publishing is no easy task, especially for a new author. At times it can seem as if publishing your book is an even more arduous task than writing it!

    This year, there are in excess of 15 million books available on the Amazon marketplace, encompassing a wide array of genres, from sci-fi novels to travel guides. Indeed, even relatively niche categories such as guides on Antique and Collectables number in the tens of thousands. With such stiff competition, it can seem as if the odds are stacked against you. Don’t worry though, it is possible to make it, you just need to stand out.

    Thankfully, that’s where we’re happy to step in. Welcome to Leopard Publishing.

    • Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, our friendly team of experts are keen to help you with every aspect of getting your work published.
    • From traditional editing and proofreading services to assistance with more modern aspects, such as Kindle or Createspace formatting, the solution to your problems is right here.
    • With your manuscript complete - or even just a great concept - allow us to guide you through the various elements of publishing your work. Sit back and relax as it evolves into a fully fledged product, available to millions of readers.

    So what are you waiting for? You’ve done the hard work, now let us help you release your book to the masses!



    We got your back!

    If within 60 calendar days you dont get results from our marketing methods, then we will give you your money back.

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    Ready to be a bestselling author?

    Have a question or comment?

    Fill out the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours!


    What Our Clients Are Saying

    • Tim Enad Tim Enad Spacecraft Video

      As a new author, I was unsure of how to start in the self-publishing world. Brian and Henry helped me every step of the way, and the finished product is exceptional. 

      I was astounded by the patience that they had to deal with new authors like me.

      My book hit #1 bestseller in 3 categories in a highly competitive tech category during the first 20 days of launch.

      They clearly know what they are doing.

    • Travis Cross Travis Cross Author

      I am definitely a fan of Leopard Publishing. My books have generated an additional 30% increase in sales since I have worked with them.

      I write because its my passion and have numerous successful novels on the market thanks to them.

      There are many venues for self-publishing, but their service suited me the most.

      I love their attentive staff, the design team, the pre-product team, and their marketing expertise.

    You might have the best idea in the world - a concept that is guaranteed to attract a huge audience. Trouble is, you’re not much of a writer, or you simply don’t have the spare time to see your project through to completion.

    If this is you, then allow us to help.

    Our team of professional writers are experts in a variety of fields and will take your idea and shape it into the final product you’ve been envisioning.

    For your part, you need only come to us with your idea, a rough outline and be available to answer any queries we might have in order to produce the book you’ve been imagining. You’ll have a choice of mediums to choose from, including kindle, paperback or audiobook.

    Once you’ve made your choice we’ll take care of the rest. Here’s how it works;

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      First one of our professional writers will produce a high-quality book based on your concept and outline.

    • 2

      Next, our expert editing team will edit and proofread the text, ensuring your book is the best it can be before going live.

    • 3

      We will then format the book to suit your chosen medium.

    You can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be in touch each and every step of the way, ensuring your dream is being realized just the way you want it.

    A poorly edited book stands out for all the wrong reasons and you can bet that readers are not likely to come back for more. On the other hand, the work of an author who has taken the time to go back over their text and edit their work will shine bright and stand out from the crowd.

    When writing, it’s natural to make mistakes or repeat yourself. Sometimes sentences could be improved upon, unnecessary paragraphs removed and grammar errors fixed. Our passionate team of professionals is happy to go over your work and carry out a thorough edit. We’ll ensure all the content is well organized, flows well and is a joy to read.

    Here’s just some of what our editors can do for you;

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    • Fix typos, double spaces, grammar and punctuation mistakes, etc
    • Ensure your text flows well
    • Remove repetitive sentences or paragraphs
    • Organize your content to make sure your points are well made

    With the editing complete it’s well worth having a fresh set of eyes go over your manuscript. We all know how daunting it is to proofread your own text for the twentieth time. After a while, we inevitably miss what’s staring us right in the face.

    Our expert proofreaders will go over your manuscript to ensure everything is up to scratch before it goes live, from typos and tenses to hyperlinks and grammar.

    Nowadays eBooks are becoming increasingly popular and are a fantastic way for a new author to release their work to a wider audience. Gone are the days of worrying about how many copies you should print, be fretting over whether you’ll sell out too soon or be left with a mountain of printed books. With no physical product, your book will be available at any time in any place with an internet connection.

    But with a vast range of devices used for reading eBooks on, it’s essential that your work is correctly formatted. If it’s not done properly, your book might look great on a Kindle Fire but will be a mess on other devices.

    Few things put a potential reader off more than a poorly formatted eBook and the results of getting it wrong can be disastrous. Remember that people are far more inclined to leave reviews if they’ve had a negative experience. It doesn’t take long for your reputation to be ruined through no fault other than poor formatting, regardless of how well written your book is.

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    Having spent several years learning numerous hard lessons, our team have become something of experts in this field. We will ensure that your book looks fantastic no matter what device the end user chooses, or what their settings are. Allow your wish to be our command as we remove the stress and frustration of Kindle formatting from your to-do list.

    Simply send us your manuscript and we will take care of the rest. If you want your book to be available on devices other than a kindle we can also convert your eBook to ePUB and PDF formats. Interactive contents tables and internal hyperlinks can also be incorporated into your work, creating a smooth reading experience for your audience.

    Many people will argue that you can’t beat holding a real life book in your hand and that, as convenient as eBooks are, they will always prefer the bound, paper option.

    Fortunately print on demand publishing has firmly established itself on the market, negating the need for traditional bulk printing runs. Your book will be available to the public and will be printed as and when it’s ordered.

    Amazon-owned Createspace is one of the most popular platforms among aspiring self-published authors. However very few writers are familiar with the process and for many it can become a frustrating endeavor, resulting in much hair pulling and temple rubbing!

    Sadly, despite the stress and effort, your masterpiece is likely to resemble a shambolic mish-mash of poor formatting and design.

    There is another way.

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    Our team will happily remove the hassle and do this step of the process for you. We’ll take care of formatting and interior layout, leaving you with a professional looking paperback you can be proud to hold and call your own. This beautifully crafted work of art will shine out against the efforts of the inexperienced.

    Once it’s complete we’ll even add it to the world's largest marketplace, Amazon, ready for the waiting public!

    So rather than spending hours struggling with the process, give us a shout and let our experienced team do it for you, effectively and efficiently.

    A well written Amazon book description is one of the key factors in producing a best-selling book. However, the majority of self-published authors tend to neglect this vital step, preferring to copy and paste a brief summary or conclusion, else list their various awards.

    Once you’ve lured them in with a great cover, the book description is the final point in which to intrigue a potential reader to the point of purchase. When done correctly, it can also be a powerful tool to bring more traffic to your page.

    No matter how good an author you might be, without experience in marketing, keywords and search engine optimization (SEO), your masterpiece might not ever reach the audience it deserves.

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    This is where we can step in. We’ll write you an Amazon book description that is guaranteed to intrigue and excite a potential buyer. Any doubts they have will be eased away as they realize they simply must have your book! We’ll also use keywords that focus on the topics addressed in your book, in order to increase relevant traffic to your page.

    Consider it an additional marketing strategy, that will help generate interest and sales in your book.

    Have you written a book that is crying out to be heard? It’s a fact that some books are made to be listened to rather than read. How to guides and self-help books are just two popular examples, though pretty much any style can be made into an audiobook.

    Creating your own audiobook can be a daunting task when you look into what is actually involved in making a professional recording. Aside from top quality equipment, you also need to be able to post edit your recordings to remove mistakes and ensure decent continuity.

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    Fortunately, help is at hand. Here at Leopard Publishing, we’re happy to step in. First of all, we’ll make sure the book/script flows well and can be easily understood by the listener. Next, one of our professional narrators will record a studio quality recording of your book. After that, the post editing team will make sure it flows perfectly and sounds fantastic. Finally, we’ll publish it for you on all the major audiobook markets, complete with a professional audiobook cover.

    Not entirely sure whether your book will sell well in audio? Fear not! Feel free to send over your manuscript and we’ll go over it for you. We’ll give honest advice as to whether it’s worth investing in creating an audiobook or not. At the end of the day, it’s in our interest to make you happy, so we’ll never push you into recording your book if we don’t think it’ll pay off.

    A decent book cover is arguably one of the most important elements when marketing your book. While gurus advise us not to judge a book by its cover, the vast majority of people do. No matter how good your book is, if the cover is poorly executed, it’s unlikely it’ll ever catch the eye of your prospective audience.

    Book cover design is one of the two major areas you really shouldn’t skimp on, alongside professional editing. Creating your own cover might sound like a good idea at first, but if you’ve no design experience, you’re likely to end up with a pixelated mess. Certainly not what you want people to hold in their hands when they’re reading your masterpiece!

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    Our experienced team of designers fully understand just how important a good book cover is. They also understand how to create a cover that looks great not only on paper but also as an online thumbnail. Bombarded with endless information when browsing online bookstores, most people will skip over a thumbnail that doesn’t stand out.

    Our team has spent many years creating a wide range of book covers, from mystery novels to exercise guides and everything in between. We will work alongside you to ensure you get a cover that suits your book and translates well both online and on paper.

    The final step in publishing your work is also the most important to get right if you want your book to sell. Essentially, you need to bring everything you’ve done so far and tie it all together into an attractive package. With so much choice, potential buyers need all the encouragement they can get if you want them to become your customers.

    Again this is an area that is staggeringly neglected by many would-be authors, though when you think about it, it’s somewhat understandable.

    The simple fact is that very few authors have any experience in digital marketing.


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    Our team, on the other hand, have long years of practice and have developed a thorough understanding of how to successfully market and promote a book online. Indeed, over the years we’ve generated countless Amazon bestsellers and launched the writing careers of numerous authors.

    We’ll use all the tools at our disposal to ensure your book is targeting the appropriate niche and reaching the people who are most likely to buy. Using sophisticated techniques, we can be sure to attract the right kind of customer to your page. Once they’re there and have read our persuasive copy, they won’t be able to rest until they’ve got their hands on your book!

    So if you aspire to join the ranks of best-selling authors, get in touch with us today!

    Collaborating/Contact for a Quote


    If you’re looking to collaborate with an experienced team of professional publishers, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what you write - be it a thrilling fantasy novel, or an informative nonfiction guide - we’re happy to help you realize your dream and make your work the best it can be.

    So, whether you’re looking for a ghostwriter, a professional book cover design, or a thorough edit, write to us today. We’ll endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible with a plan of action!

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